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Learn how to sample effectively!
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Why do we give out samples of essential oils?

dōTERRA is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world. With our focus on product we let people experience the power of essential oils before they are asked to purchase. This is what sets us apart from other companies in our industry. Every Mom should have an essential oil key chain so that she can access the oils wherever and whenever the need arises. 

Take your time in the preparation period. The more contacts you have with a person before they are asked to make a buying decision the more likely they are to purchase essential oils and want to build the business with you.
Deliver the sample/set expectations 

Deliver the sample in person or send it in the mail (you may include a couple samples for one ailment if you’re mailing them; just tell them to only use one at a time.)

What you need:

•A sample of the essential oil you feel will be most effective
•A quick reference essential oil book to give them for free (A-Z guide)

“Essential Oils are similar to medication in this way...When you have an ailment and you go to the doctor and receive a prescription and if you use it and it doesn’t work, you usually don’t think to yourself ‘I’m never going to try medication again because it’s all useless.’ What you think is ‘That medication didn’t work well on my body so I need to go back to the doctor and ask him for something different.’ We have been programmed this way, we understand that medications affect people differently. Essential Oils are similar in the fact that each oil is not going to have the exact same effect on every single person. So if you use an oil and don’t get the results your looking for, that’s OK, we can try something else. If you are patient enough with Essential Oils like you are with medication we will find something that is safer, cheaper and more effective for you.”

Tell Them How to Use it and What to Look For

“Here’s what we’re going to do: When you’re getting into bed tonight, rub a few drops of this Serenity oil onto your temples. Also graze your pillow with your fingertips. As you lay down and take slow, deep breaths, you’ll feel a wonderful calm come over you. You should feel more relaxed, and you should sleep better. But remember if you don’t get the results your hoping for we can try something else. I’ll call you in two days to see how it goes. Around when is the best time to call?”

Give them an essential oil quick reference guide and explain how to use it.
Two day follow up

Give them a call two days after delivering the sample. This MUST be a PHONE CALL!

“Hi! Have you had an opportunity to use the (sampled oil) yet?” If YES: (see below the line)

If NO: “That’s okay! Here’s what we’re going to do: When you get home tonight and start getting ready for bed.... (repeat the usage instructions!) Then I’ll give you a call in the morning to see how it goes.”

(If they didn’t use it the first time): Next Morning Follow-Up Call

“Hi! Have you had an opportunity to use the (sampled oil) yet?

If YES: (see below)

If NO: “That’s okay! Here’s what we’re going to do: Go get it right now. We’ll have a little oil experience right now together!”

Give them instructions on how to use the oil, and give them a few minutes to feel the effects of it.
If Yes...

When they HAVE Used Their Sample

“How was your experience?”


• Do not react or sound surprised. Simply listen to their experience. • Restate what they experienced.
• “Here’s what we’re going to do: If you’ll continue to be patient with the process, I’ll be patient with you. (New oil) is another one I think you’ll have great results from. I’m going to get you a sample of that, and we’ll see if that’s the best oil to address your (health need). And when we’ve found the right oil, then you’ll have something safe, natural, and cost-effective to address your (health need)!
Deliver the new sample and restart the sampling process

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